Synelixis is a high-tech SME that delivers advanced automation solutions including energy automation and efficiency, precision agriculture, warehouse automation, AI, cybersecurity and advanced networking. With respect to energy efficiency, its solutions focus on smart grid control and energy consumption optimization. By utilizing modern software technologies, hardware installation and open platforms, Synelixis engineers are able to ensure an optimized solution that fulfils the project requirements. Synelixis Solution technology superiority is a result of extensive R&D activities. Synelixis’ personnel bring with their extensive research background, working for more than 20 years, in the RACE I & II, ACTS, ESPRIT and IST European frameworks in numerous projects and long co-operations with well renowned companies in EU and USA.

Through its long and continuous involvement in National and EU RIA R&D activities over the years, Synelixis possesses a successful track record of delivering advanced services, applications and complete digital solutions for a broad area of ICT, especially in the areas of industrial IoT, cloud computing and energy efficiency. Synelixis has proven expertise in conceptual system architecture and design analysis, user-centric information marketplaces and portal management, online/offline data monitoring and analysis, software integration services, infrastructure management, virtualisation and cloud communication services, and project technical management. Synelixis currently focuses on extending product-oriented services and analysing business functionals created by digital transformation of the supply chain based on blockchain networks and interoperability enablers over heterogenous, complex IoT environments and use cases.


Role in the project

Synelixis will be in charge of the IoT-NGIN Technical Management.

On the technical development side, Synelixis will contribute to the design of the big data and ML architecture. Additionally, Synelixis will lead the design and development of confidentiality-preserving federated ML models. Synelixis will also provide insightful contribution to the machine learning model sharing. Moreover, Synelixis will participate in enhancing IoT devices discovery, and providing pervasive security and ambient intelligence-based control.

Synelixis will be also leading the mitigations of poisoning attacks in on-device federated ML. Additionally, Synelixis will contribute to the integration activities and will facilitate the logic behind the use case services application. Synelixis will also contribute to the use case trial #3, regarding the smart agriculture scenario. Last, but not least, Synelixis will participate in dissemination and exploitation activities.