Privanova is the leading provider of Privacy Compliance and Risk Management Solutions, with a particular focus on the GDPR and LEAs access to data. They operate at the interface between privacy, technology and policy. Privanova’s R&D activities focus on the analysis of legal, ethical and technological issues, also from the law enforcement perspective. The core company team includes former INTERPOL professionals experienced in managing the whole EU project life-cycle.

Privanova advocates Privacy by Design together with a business-aware approach to data protection management, effectively translating GDPR rules into actionable items to help subjects achieve and proactively demonstrate compliance and accountability.

Privanova’s expertise in privacy-preserving design is exploited by means of not only personalized services regarding the full range of GDPR-compliance aspects, but also targeted privacy training, providing data protection trainings, even delivering relevant services in the form of Data Protection Officer as a Service.

Role in the project

Privanova will contribute to the project supporting the Consortium during the project research and innovation process and the implementation of the final solution, in order to ensure compliance with ethical principles and the current European legislation framework on privacy and data protection, with particular reference to GDPR. Privanova will provide insightful assistance in the verification framework benchmarking and GDPR compliance. Privanova will also contribute to the promotion of learning and information exchange about a security culture through dissemination and training activities. Specifically, Privanova will lead the next generation of IoT PRESS Analysis. Privanova will contribute to dissemination and exploitation activities, while they will also lead the legal and regulatory compliance tasks. Last, but not least, the IoT-NGIN Data Protection Officer is appointed among the Privanova personnel.