OPTIMUM is a leading SME in the area of Supply Chain IT Systems and has done so for over 20 years. Success stories can be seen in Greece, across Europe, as well as in North America. OPTIMUM and the fully owned subsidiary VELTION/Optimum has successfully completed more than 300 automation/IT projects in the area of Supply Chain Automation.

The engine that drives OPTIMUM’s success has been the development of a Supply Chain Management software program known as aberon. This solutions package incorporates optimization algorithms, barcode technologies, Voice Recognition, as well as RFID. Wireless networks and wireless portable terminals combined with warehouse automations and other cutting-edge technologies. The complete aberon family of solutions includes a) warehouse management, b) warehouse automation, c) sales forecasting and inventory management. As aberon support services, we offer deployment planning and installation of aberon, as well as personnel training.

Role in project

Optimum will lead the smart agriculture use case. Additionally, Optimum will participate in open data management plan and pilots’ set-up. Moreover, Optimum will lead the activities towards an ambient intelligent based control mechanism. Finally, regarding the impact creation and outreach, Optimum will contribute to the exploitation and sustainability plans of IoT-NGIN.