Cumucore is spin off from Aalto University that brings a disruptive solution that integrates Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to deliver flexible and affordable mobile services.

 Cumucore offers the first of its class software-based LTE and 5G packet core to be deployed in the cloud including mobility, user management and traffic optimisations. The Packet core software, now including 5G network elements, is integrated with Software Defined Networks (SDN) to deliver high reliable network slices. Cumucore with tSDN offers the Software components that allow to optimise the content delivery within any location of the access network. This product allows the mobile operators to reduce up to 50% the traffic in their networks.

Role in the project

Cumucore brings first of its class 5GC virtualised packet core, based on Service-Based Architecture (SBA), relying on IETF and W3C standards such as HTTP/2, REST, and JSON. Cumucore includes network slice manager (NSM) and network functions (NF) defined in 3GPP, such as NRF and NSSF, for integrating Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) with network slicing. Cumucore has already demonstrated the usage of NSM in several pilots for customers and in research projects. Thus, major contribution would be in the deployment and extension of 5G core to include the NFs specified in 3GPP Rel 16 and Rel 17, to enhanced current mobile core with NGN architecture for Industrial IoT.