Capgemini provides consulting in the fields of strategy and transformation, human resource, accelerated solutions environment, supply chain management, marketing, sales, and service; finance transformation and technology transformation.

Role in the project

Capgemini is leading all aspects of project management (operational and financial), quality assurance and risk management, ensure the compliance of the project results with the EU legal and regulatory framework.

Capgemini is also leading impact creation & outreach activities and will develop the necessary external communication interfaces in order to create awareness of the concepts, technologies and innovation activities by a broad audience. Additionally, Capgemini leads the exploitation and sustainability plan with ultimate goal to highlight targeted customers and prepare the market penetrations plans including business model and financial plan. Capgemini will also contribute on innovation and IPR issues in order to ensure the project quality, with respect to legal and regulatory compliance. Finally, Capgemini will participate in the design and implementation of the Big Data and ML architecture.