AALTO University (AALTO) was created in 2010 when the former Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design were combined. All three universities had a long and successful history and were leading international actors in their respective fields in Finland. For example, TKK was the oldest and largest University of Technology in Finland, dating back to the nineteenth century (1849). AALTO comprises six Schools: School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Chemical Technology, School of Business, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, and School of Science. AALTO has 20 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, a staff of 4 500 people and 308 professors. The parties involved in this project are the Department of Communications and Networking and the Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR).

Department of Communications and Networking is the largest research department in Finland studying a broad spectrum of topics related to future internet technologies, and especially in energy efficient internet. The research focuses on the areas of information and communications theory, communications and networking technology, and communications ecosystem. The Department of Communications and Networking is well-positioned to address the grand challenges in digitalization, wireless internet and device usability in a comprehensive way – covering all the OSI layers from physical to applications and making impact to the society. One of the department’s special strengths is linking research with the Finnish and international business sectors.

The Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR), founded in 1999, is an international and multidisciplinary research center that promotes scientific research on knowledge- and innovation-based renewal and growth of companies and societies. The human-centric research approach is experimental and action- oriented, combining deductive and inductive analyzes. CKIR specializes on management of technology based, networked innovations and service creation, including ecosystem orchestration, business model design and innovation exploitation activities. CKIR contributes to business modeling for companies and value creation for cities and entrepreneurs.

Role in the project

Aalto University will work on the federation architecture for the IoT NGIN, and specifications of requirements for the various architectural layers. Aalto will also manage smart city pilots in Helsinki region, and participate in cross-pilot innovation and opportunity analysis, as well as contextual technology application and adaptation through open calls. Aalto will also work on exploitation planning through business model design and business exploitation scenarios for the participating companies. The role further involves work on community building and maximizing the impact of the project through effective and high-quality research publications, project sustainability planning and liaisons with other ongoing European and international initiatives and networks. Aalto will lead activities towards enhancing IoT Cybersecurity and Data Privacy and will liaise closely with other activities in order to support planning for impact creation already from the beginning of the project. Additionally, Aalto will will be responsible for federated DLT-ledger transactions, and privacy preserving self-sovereign identities. Aalto will also assume a role in business model planning, pilot replication model design, as well as in dissemination and community building, bringing in its vast European and global networks.