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     Welcome Note

In our contemporary society, we are heading towards an automated and highly customized style of living. In the futuristic smart world, which we have envisioned for some time now, the power and potential of smart devices around us will not be limited to human comfort but would also help us increase our productivity multi-fold. In light of the same, I am pleased to introduce you to the project IoT-NGIN. 

The IoT-NGIN project is a European Union funded collaborative project aiming at unleashing the power of Next Generation IoT as an essential dimension of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and become the “IoT Engine”. This project uncovers patterns based meta-architecture that encompasses evolving, legacy, and future IoT architectures. The project also optimizes IoT/M2M and 5G/MCM communications, including using secure-by-design micro-services to extend the edge cloud paradigm. Moreover, it enables user and self-aware, autonomous IoT systems through privacy-preserving federated ML and ambient intelligence, with AR support for humans. The project will also conduct 7 trials at different locations to validate the results in real-time.

The newsletter serves as a means for us to communicate with interested audience, our international network of experts and stakeholders whom we want to keep informed of the project’s status, activities, upcoming events and validate our preliminary findings, wherever possible.

I am thus pleased to welcome you and share with you our first issue of the IoT-NGIN newsletter, where you will find more information about the project as a whole, including our technical aspirations, latest blogs and relevant articles, past and upcoming events, and description of the project consortium. 

We welcome your insights on any of the topics of interest by contacting us You can also follow us on our website, and/or on our social media handles.

We appreciate your feedback and hope you will enjoy this first issue of our bi-annual newsletter. We look forward to engaging with you!


Yours faithfully,

Dr. Ghasan Bhatti (Capgemini)
Project coordinator


Project status updates

The vision of IoT-NGIN is to catalyze the full range of IoT areas presence, spanning from resource-constrained IoT devices to digital twins and from the edge of the network to the cloud orchestration. Focus is given to IoT enhancements in terms of performance, interoperability, security and privacy.

IoT-NGIN vision – Full-stack IoT

  Six months have passed since the project kicked-off its activities and we already have a lot being put at the table. First of all, we have crystalized and delivered our project’s requirements analysis and have extensively worked on the refinement of our living labs use cases. In parallel and following the requirements elicitation, the project’s meta-architecture definition is moving on at fast paces, actually enabling a multitude of technical activities to spin up.

The slightly unusual Kick-Off Meeting also required a slightly different group photo

At the level of the communication layer, work is already been conducted towards enhancing M2M/MCM communications as well as managing the resource allocation and security of 5G-enabled networks. At functional level, and in an attempt to streamline all the machine-learning activities of the project, a generalized machine learning (ML) as a service (MLaaS) architecture has already been defined and is being worked upon, together with a series of activities that will allow the easier integration of ML-based applications into IoT-NGIN, in a controlled, safe and privacy-preserving manner. Focusing on security and privacy, our activities are currently focused on the project’s PRESS (Privacy, data pRotection, Ethics, Security & Societal) analysis and on identifying ML-oriented cyber-security attacks targeting poisoning the IoT-NGIN ML-related processes. 

In the upcoming period, our task pipeline includes technical advancements on all of the above aspects of the project, simultaneously kicking off more activities mostly targeting the security and privacy aspects of the project as well as setting up the project’s living labs to get them ready for evaluating IoT-NGIN!


Spotlight: 3 Partners Introduce themselves

We are 19 partners in IoT-NGIN. In this section of each newsletter, we want to give three of the partners the opportunity to present themselves, to give you a better imagination of the topics and expertise we want to combine in IoT-NGIN.



 With more than 200,000 people, Capgemini is present in over 40 countries. Targeting a huge number of clients in many industries, CAP expertise covers different domains including cybersecurity, insurance, digital transformation, health care, cloud management, blockchain transactions and Ethical AI. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the collaborative Business Experience, and draws on rightshore, its worldwide delivery model.

Capgemini is very happy to be the coordinating organisation for this project. We have high expectations from the results of this project and are positive about its optimal exploitation to make the lives of European citizens better. This project aims to work on breakthroughs in the field of technology and IoT to create a new way for the world to embrace and leverage the potential of IoT devices and technology. This change will bring meaningful innovation without compromising on the ethical and technical standards set by the EU commission.

For this project, Capgemini would be leading high-level aspects related to the project management, and implementation. We would also be taking a lead for the work related to impact creation, dissemination, and communication. Additionally, Capgemini will lead the exploitation and sustainability plan with high-level goal of highlighting targeted customers and preparing the market penetrations plans including the business model and financial plan. Capgemini will also contribute to the innovation and IPR issues in order to ensure the project quality, with respect to legal and regulatory compliance. Further, Capgemini will be working on the open calls which are a significant part of this project. And finally, Capgemini will be in the technical work to provide their input concerning the design and implementation of the Big Data and ML architecture.


Forum Virium Helsinki 

 Forum Virium Helsinki is the City of Helsinki innovation company. It co-creates urban futures with companies, universities, other public sector organizations and Helsinki residents. Forum Virium Helsinki’s mission is to make Helsinki the most functional smart city in the world.

Forum Virium Helsinki’s development projects drive the creation of digital city services. From the very start, ideas under development are tested as part of users’ everyday lives. Another goal is to create new business opportunities for companies. It has a European-wide collaboration network. A collaboration whose results can be seen in Helsinki, Amsterdam and Barcelona alike.

Forum Virium’s greatest successes come from connecting the public and private sectors. The development projects are based on the same principle: we solve public sector problems with often privately developed solutions by companies and residents. 

The operating model of Forum Virium Helsinki is based on user-driven open innovation. This has been a significant paradigm shift in public sector operations. The role of Forum Virium is to drive development towards a seamless service experience for citizens, which in turn allows the city to benefit from offering digital services.

With extensive experience in the field, FVH is excited to be part of the IoT-NGIN consortium and lead the work related to the validation of Living Labs and 3rd party support.



Synelixis is a high-tech SME that delivers advanced automation solutions including energy automation and efficiency, precision agriculture, warehouse automation, AI, cybersecurity and advanced networking. With respect to energy efficiency, its solutions focus on smart grid control and energy consumption optimization. By utilizing modern software technologies, hardware installation and open platforms, Synelixis engineers are able to ensure an optimized solution that fulfils the project requirements.

Within IoT-NGIN, Synelixis brings SynField, its cloud based smart precision agriculture and smart/remote irrigation platform, aggregating weather, leaf and soil information in vineyards, orange, olives, coffee and tea fields. Currently small networks of SynField are installed in more than 150 vineyards and 30 olive trees in Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark and Finland and in 10 coffee and tea plantations in south India.

Synelixis SynField Product line

Within IoT-NGIN, Synelixis is proud to perform the Technical Management of the project. Moreover, Synelixis is involved in technical development tasks, contributing to privacy-preserving techniques in Federated Learning, as wells as providing insightful contribution to the machine learning model sharing. In addition, Synelixis participates in enhancing IoT devices discovery, and providing pervasive security and ambient intelligence-based control. Synelixis will also exploit its cybersecurity background in developing mitigations of poisoning attacks in on-device federated ML. Additionally, Synelixis will contribute to the integration tasks and will facilitate the logic behind the use case services application. Synelixis will also participate in the validation and piloting of IoT-NGIN in smart agriculture scenarios, exploiting its SynField platform. Finally, Synelixis participates in dissemination activities, raising the impact of the IoT-NGIN outcomes. Last, but not least, Synelixis will participate in the project exploitation activities, aiming to enhance its solutions with IoT-NGIN-based intelligence to meet the evolving market needs.


IoT-NGIN Clustering Activities

 IoT-NGIN supports the vision of LIVING-IN.EU towards boosting digital solutions for sustainable enjoyable places in a citizen centric and European way. Indeed, this vision is aligned to the IoT-NGIN vision of realizing innovative, tangible IoT scenarios across application domains and can be backed by the IoT-NGIN technologies.

Partners of the IoT-NGIN consortium have already registered as Living-in.EU initiative supporters and we urge even more entities to actively provide their support to this movement.

Moreover, IoT-NGIN attended the first LI.EU meeting with all supporters of the declaration on 22 October 2020, focusing on the overview of commitments on financial, technical, legal, educational & capacity building, as well as monitoring & measuring aspects. IoT-NGIN drew attendants’ attention of the key requirements for trustworthy AI to be considered in city and communities’ digitization. We look forward to further following the LI.EU activities, yielding mutual benefits for both the initiative and our project.

IoT-NGIN, dedicated to the goal of becoming the “IoT Engine” that will fuel the Next Generation of IoT as a part of the European Next Generation Internet, joined the Next Generation IoT initiative (NGIoT)

Through this participation, IoT-NGIN aims at cross-project collaboration towards the various approaches that currently exist in the IoT discipline. Our partners from Capgemini and Synelixis will ensure to keep up with IoT strategic goals across European actions and initiatives, while contributing the most relevant and notable results of IoT-NGIN to this community. Synergies will be explored through this initiative in joint communication and dissemination, business modelling and interoperability of developed solutions.



Upcoming Events

The IoT-NGIN consortium is looking forward to see the latest news and innovations in the IoT domain on the following events:




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