The IoT-NGIN team is proud to share that the sub-projects funded through cascading funding through our Open Call (OC) #2 have been successfully completed. The last phase of this journey, GROWTH phase, found 3 competent SMEs working on delivering successful demonstration of their products. The three sub-projects qualified for this last phase have been:

  • Private5G by Allbesmart LDA
  • IMPERIAL by Internet Security and Privacy Solutions P.C.

The OC#2 “GROWTH” phase has been completed successfully with the final review, held remotely on September 29, 2023.

Moreover, IoT-DRACO was voted as Top#1 sub-project after a public pitch of the three subprojects to IoT-NGIN consortium, thus winning the additional prize of 5000€.

The IoT-NGIN team is glad to see the project results being exploited and extended in the EU industry by innovative SMEs. We are happy that through the Open Call process our community has been expanded and IoT-NGIN has been promoted and disseminated through our new partners. We wish them all good luck with their developed products and hope to hear more about them in the future!