The IoT-NGIN Open Call (OC) #1 projects final review was held on the 28th of September 2023 (M36) via teleconference. We are glad to announce that all OC#1 projects have successfully passed their final evaluation. During the remote review meeting, each project had the chance to present the sub-project achievements and relevant deliverables due in the reporting period. Moreover, the sub-project results were demonstrated through demos (either live or recorded), showcasing their integration and validation results. The IoT-NGIN OC #1 participating projects presented the outcomes of their work in the context of the IoT-NGIN Living Labs. More specifically:

  • SmartVIT subproject from Beia Concult International, Romania, developed and validated a system for precision viticulture and meteorology in the context of the project’s Smart Agriculture Living Lab.
  • ML Drone subproject from ACCELIGENCE Ltd, Cyprus, collaborated with project’s Smart Agriculture Living Lab where they integrated and validated their UAV-based embedded platform as a compatible framework for deploying and running ML and analytical services.
  • CATIE project from CATIE, France, integrated and validated their 6TRON starter kit developed in the project in the project’s Smart Energy Living Lab.
  • QuasaR-NGIN subproject from Think Biosolution Ltd, Ireland, integrated and validated their chronic disease prevention & management platform coordinated in the context of the Smart Industry Living Lab in BOSCH.
  • EGMOI subproject from Energiot Devices SL – Spain, incorporated their solutions including self-powered IoT device for smart monitoring in the Smart Energy Living Lab.

We are happy to see innovative solutions being derived through these projects, building and extending IoT-NGIN tools. IoT-NGIN congratulates and thanks the involved partners for their work and hopes that developed innovations entail sustainable impact both for the European industry and society!