As the IoT-NGIN project is reaching its end, it’s a good opportunity to present all efforts in terms of dissemination that the project made during the last 3 years.

The Project’s website is the best place to find all marketing materials produced by IoT-NGIN partners. 3 project videos have been prepared – 1st video was dedicated to project’s basic information, 2nd video focused on IoT-NGIN’s Living Labs and the 3rd one explained the project results and their usefulness. 3 posters and 6 brochures have been designed, covering all main aspects that needed to be presented to a general audience: vision and objectives, concept and methodology, Living Labs, 1st and 2nd Open Call projects and partners validating IoT-NGIN’s components and last but not least – description of project’s results. Over 100 blogposts have been written by all partners in the consortium, covering the main areas of project concepts. 6 newsletters, with the most up-to-date information explaining what is happening inside IoT-NGIN, were sent to all the project stakeholders.

Project social media channels were established at the beginning of the project and have been regularly updated. IoT-NGIN profiles gained almost 800 followers (LinkedIn and Twitter combined). The YouTube channel was regularly updated with videos produced by the consortium partners and Open Calls project partners. The project is exploring various exploitation possibilities facilitated by the open innovation approach and open-source code – most of the components developed within the project will be published as open-source and the GitLab repository has also been promoted as the project’s open-source repository. IoT-NGIN partners have multiple press releases in various languages. These press releases were cited in tens of business and technology platforms.

IoT-NGIN partners have presented the project at various important and reputable events e.g., EuCNC, IoT Solutions World Congress, consultations of the UN General Assembly, IoT week and Agrotica. Project partners have also given talks and participated in more than 50 different training events sharing knowledge and learnings from the project. In terms of scientific publication, project partners have published over 20 conference papers, journals and even book chapters.

The Project has been contributing to the 5G-ACIA and 3GPP and has established interactions with various associations such as AIOTI, BDVA, GAIA-X, ENoLL, EU-IoT, and ECLIPSE Foundation. IoT-NGIN has been interacting with many different DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs) and clusters in the IoT sector with a focus on different themes like Smart Agriculture, Smart Industry, Smart City and Smart Energy.

IoT-NGIN has been collaborating with a number of EU projects to disseminate its activities, especially the Open Calls and to gain maximum outreach. Project partners have also been collaborating with the policy makers at DG Connect to provide the necessary input whenever required.

A great deal of effort from all partners involved in IoT-NGIN resulted in spreading knowledge about the project and its results to the ICT community.