Authors: Mario Montagud, Mohamad Hjeij (i2CAT Foundation)

Next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will open the door to Ambient Intelligence scenarios. EU H2020 IoT-NGIN project provides components, modules, and methods to enable Ambient Intelligence and Contextual IoT Sensing / Actuating in a set of relevant use cases and living labs.

In this context, Augmented / eXtended Reality (AR / XR) technologies have become an excellent means to provide rich multi-modal interaction interfaces with IoT systems, in terms of both input and output modalities.

Given these facts, the IoT-NGIN consortium has devoted efforts to designing and implementing innovative AR-powered interaction features and interfaces to be integrated with four envisioned Use Cases within the Smart Agriculture, Industry 4.0, and Smart Energy domains. The technical developments have been supported and driven by an in-depth state-of-the-art analysis, which in turn has resulted in another relevant project’s outcome: an open-access Gitlab repository and Wiki collecting up to 14 resources to allow rich interaction with IoT sensors and real-world objects via AR applications and tools:

These resources include (5) own developments from the IoT-NGIN consortium as well as (9) collected third-party resources (e.g., GitHub projects, tools, online courses, and tutorials) that can become useful for the interested parties in these topics.

Each of these resources is appropriately documented, including a brief description of the resource itself and its applicability, the code and example code snippets and illustrations, the dependencies, and the installation and usage guidelines.

The IoT-NGIN team hopes this open-access IoT-AR repo can become relevant to drive developments in this domain and to adopt existing pieces for fast and effective replication, adaptability, and improvement!

If you know of additional open-access IoT-AR resources, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to incorporate them as part of our repo.