The IoT-NGIN team has conducted an exploitation workshop, co-hosted with the 9th Plenary Meeting in Helsinki. The workshop took place on 8th June, 2023, at AALTO University and has been moderated by the AALTO team from the School of Business, led by Mr Ilkka Lakaniemi.

Discussion has been evolved around the way exploitation is understood by different partners and has been intended to drive active use of IoT-NGIN project outcomes, identify business benefits, but also impacts on the society, as well as diffusion of knowledge to other EU initiatives.

During the workshop, participants had interactive discussion in 3 groups moderated by Ilkka Lakaniemi, Henrik Keinonen and Juuso Autiosalo, AALTO, around three topics

  • Think of benefits at large
  • Perception of impact
  • Diffusion channels & partnerships

The three groups collaborated in providing ideas around these areas, while their feedback have been presented by Philippos Philippou (EBOS), Terpsi Velivassaki (SYN) and Ghasan Bhatti (CAP).

Below you can find some captures from our Exploitation Workshop.