The 10 highly competitive projects (SMEs) of IoT-NGIN 2nd Open Call have competed and evaluated in the context of the OC#2 DESIGN phase. IoT-NGIN project congratulates the 6 projects  that managed to be selected for the next Experiment phase. 

The ones that have been selected for the next phase (with Alphabetic order) are:

  1. BeenThere by NEXUSIT Ltd
  2. IoT UAS C2 by Flyvercity Ltd
  3. IMPERIAL by Internet Security and Privacy Solutions P.C.
  5. LEEAF by Spark Works Ltd
  6. Private5G by Allbesmart LDA

The IoT-NGIN project would like to thank the rest of the 2nd Open Call participants that did not manage to proceed to the next phase for their participation in IoT-NGIN 2nd Open Call.