The main goal of the Private5G IoT-NGIN Open Call project is to transform an existing prototype solution based on the 5G OpenAirInterface (OAI) open-source protocol stack in an end-to-end Private 5G network for deployment in a small cell environment and targeting the private 5G market. An important component developed in the context of the IoT-NGIN project is the Network Management Platform with a web-based dashboard that facilitates the real-time monitoring and control of the 5G network (CN and gNB). Thanks to IoT-NGIN, the technology readiness level of the Private5G network prototype went from TRL4 (technology validated in the lab) to TRL6 (Technology demonstrated in relevant environment).

The following video (link below) shows the progress that has been made towards this goal, demonstrating a test of AllbeSmart OAIBOX as a 5G Small Cell.


Allbesmart LDA ( is an engineering SME that provides customised R&D services and technology expertise on 5G wireless communications and Internet of Things applications. Allbesmart is an associated member of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and a key contributor/tester of the OAI open-source code.