Electricity distribution networks are under a period of transition: the growing demand for electricity and the increase in renewable generation is transforming the system towards ‘smart grids’.

Numerous sensors distributed throughout the grid and at the consumers’ premises allow real-time monitoring of the grid and management of the grid using state-of-the-art power flow optimisation techniques and safety standards.

Through the IoT-NGIN Project, ASM, as a Distribution System Operator, wishes to modernise its network by enriching it with numerous sensors connected to the control SCADA system and equipping it with Machine Learning services aimed at optimising the power flow by exploiting the prediction of the energy generated and consumed, increase network security by providing alarms and limiting the risk of failure through intelligent management of flexibility resources, equipping the system with intelligent cybersecurity tools, such as IoT vulnerability, GAN-based IoT attack dataset generator, Malicious Attack Detector and Self Sovereign Identities; the mentioned above are all collected within an interface through the digital twin, specifically designed to observe and monitor the electrical network.

In addition, numerous sensors have been placed in electric vehicles and charging stations in order to realise optimal scheduling of recharging so as to maximise the self-consumption of renewable energy and limit the impact of electric mobility on the network.

ASM will leverage this innovation phase to advance the mission in the IoT-NGIN project, combining IoT and modern technologies in an optimal way, toward a sustainable ecosystem of European technology. Finally, it will be another opportunity where advanced analytics will be conducted to track the health of the network and provide early alerts to maintain service at an optimal level.