We are happy to welcome 5 new projects in the IoT-NGIN community, which have been distinguished among the candidates of the 1st Open Call. The new participations will exploit and advance the IoT-NGIN meta-architecture and will support new use cases integration in the Living Labs. The additional innovation will be brought via:

  • The Smart Viticulture Management system for better environmental sustainability (SmartViT) by BEIA Consult. The project aims to implement an intelligent system for vineyard close to Bucharest which will integrate sensors necessary for precision viticulture and meteorology and an advanced analytical engine that exploits Artificial Intelligence techniques and Blockchain technologies for data processing, modeling and security.
  • Deploying ML models on Drone Microcontroller system (MLDrone) by ACCELIGENCE. ML-DRONE proposes to port and deploy ML models as open-source embedded SW on ACCELIGENCE drone system. ML-DRONE will evaluate TensorFlow Lite (TFL) and the TFL MICRO systems, leveraging and expanding drone AI intelligence. Upon request, the final drone system, equipped with the AI module will be deployed as an edge cloud resource in seconds, while via open APIs will support additional IoT devices.
  • The DEvelopment Environment of Professional solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (DEEP IIoT) by CATIE. 6TRON is an environment for the development of professional solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It is a toolbox that provides hardware blocks called Zest, dedicated to a specific task to promote reuse and accelerate the development of prototypes. CATIE will adapt and fine-tune the 6TRON platform to be compliant with the IoT-NGIN meta-architecture, developing a starter kit of 6TRON components that can be used to prototype an IIoT solution in line with the IoT-NGIN use-cases and living labs.
  • The Next Generation Conversational Wearable Medical Device for Chronic Disease Prevention (QuasaR-NGIN) by ThinkBioSolution. QuasaR-NGIN aims to reduce early mortality and improve quality of life for the elderly population. Next Generation Internet components will be added to ThinkBioSolution’s QuasaR device by embedding IoT software components running on FPGA/soft cores or IoT devices. These new HW/SW functionalities will be also deployed as an open-source platform and tested within the context of the IoT-NGIN pilots.
  • The Electric Grid Monitoring by Open-Access IoT (EGMOI) by ENERGIOT. Energiot aims to validate its self-powered IoT device for smart monitoring to sense and control substation breakers of the Smart Energy Living Lab. This solution can be used to increase the grid resilience when the system approaches unstable operational boundaries related to the high demand for Electric Vehicles, and to create an API for smart energy management.