IoT-NGIN has been listed in the ETSI OSM Ecosystem Research by our partner, i2CAT ( ).

ETSI OSM is the NFV MANO stack, which is aligned with ETSI NFV architectural framework ( OSM is capable of a) Network service lifecycle management in different types of infrastructures, across different locations and through different virtualized infrastructure managers such as OpenStack and Kubernetes, b) on-boarding and management of network service descriptors, c) performance and fault management of the network service, and d) provision of a platform to create networks as a service and to manage them conveniently later. In IoT-NGIN project, i2CAT utilizes ETSI OSM as the NFV MANO for the orchestration of container-based network services, which is integrated in its Network Slice Management tool (SOE) as a part of the 5G Resource Management API. The developed API will enable the service migration for IoT devices so that they can run their processes as container-based network services in the 5G edge cloud.