Committed to respecting and complying with IoT PRESS (Privacy, data pRotection, Ethics, Security & Societal acceptance) and confidentiality requirements, IoT-NGIN adopts a comprehensive approach to address the privacy and data protection issues, ethics compliance, societal concerns, technology acceptance and information security.In line to this, we have also scheduled and completed the first EAB (Ethics advisory board) meeting on 15th March 2022. During this meeting both the Coordination team and the Ethics team of the project presented project, technical ethics’ aspects to the board of 3 external, independent ethics experts.

EAB members have been eager to learn more about use cases and the data we are collecting, our ethics deliverables and how they were handled, as well as the protection of personal data especially. IoT-NGIN welcomes such valuable feedback and will keep considering these topical issues throughout the project activities.