Cumucore is a participant of the EU-funded project IoT-NGIN which introduces novel research and innovation concepts that will fuel the next generation IoT. The success story of the company, as a case study, was contributed to the NG-IOT initiative and is available in both the NG-IOT website and on the website of Aarhus University .

Cumucore was founded in 2015 and works to enable Next Generation 5G mobile private networks.  The company contributes with the 5G Core for industrial and agriculture verticals. The 5GC include 5GLAN and TSN functionality for connecting mobile sensors and other devices as part of fixed industrial networks or agriculture infrastructure.

 Cumucore’s solution disrupts the existing mobile networks and is an obvious contribution to better connecting the world, facilitating industrial digitalisation, and amplifying efficiency. By making the 5G network available in small-scale, non-public environments, Cumucore democratizes next generation connectivity and makes it more flexible and affordable for all private enterprises.

Cumucore after 5 years is among the first actors in the telecommunications domain to develop a standalone (SA) solution for Non Public Networks (NPN). In this use case Cumucore describes the battling with market maturity. It is not an easy path because when Cumucore started, the first reference was the public Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Despite a great amount of challenges and scenarios still awaiting to be solved in the 5G network domain, the company is confident their solution is a self-fulfilling investment of the future.