Connectivity plays an important role in IoT-NGIN. We are investigating new 5G innovations to enhance connectivity for advanced use cases in the IoT domain. This blog post describes the role of mobile networks for mission-critical use cases. 

Mission-critical sector actors can now take advantage of a unique opportunity. For the first time, there is one technology (3GPP 4G/5G) that has the potential to replace or integrate many existing narrowband technologies in industrial and public safety sectors. Consequently, those industries are keen to exploit this technology in the form of Mission Critical Networks (MCN), which offer high network availability, extended network coverage and capacity, multi-layer security, multi-network operation and priority to guarantee latency and capacity requirements. A key offering for mission-critical communications is the Mission Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT) solution, which enables mission-critical users a secure communication link even in critical operations.

MCNs are deployed nationwide and across regions. In this way, interoperability is achieved among mission-critical sector actors and beyond borders. With MCNs, endpoints such as sensors, robots and drones will be connected wirelessly and thus providing more data and support for the mission-critical users. Moreover, MCNs will enhance IoT use cases using innovative technologies such as AI or the federated learning approach of IoT-NGIN. 

MCNs will help industry sector actors to digitize their processes and thus realize more sophisticated use cases including real-time automation or remote operations. Industry sector actors span utilities, railway companies and first responders such as the police, firefighters, and ambulance and rescue services. They require secure, resilient, and high-performance mobile broadband connectivity with a complete range of services.

Ericsson’s 3GPP-based MCNs, built on leading 4G and 5G technology, present a door opener for the mission-critical sectors to the rich 3GPP ecosystem. Together with communication service providers, end user organizations and partners, Ericsson empowers digital transformation for public safety and critical infrastructure industries. Read more about Ericsson Mission Critical Communications  and Mission-critical services