IoT-NGIN, as part of the NG-IoT community, participated in the EU-IoT Training Workshop entitled “Next Generation IoT Architectures”. During the workshop, different research initiatives had the chance to present their reference or meta-architectures for IoT.

Dr Artemis Voulkidis, from Synelixis and IoT-NGIN’s Technical Manager, presented the initial concept and technical specifications of the IoT-NGIN meta-architecture around four key artifacts, namely IoT architectural pattern vertical, domain horizontal, quality vertical, and element view. Moreover, Dr Voulkidis presented the IoT-NGIN architecture, complying to the meta-architecture, identifying fine-grained components across functional blocks for both the IoT and Edge/Cloud nodes.

The workshop realized high attendance and interest by mainly technical audience. The next part of this training workshops series will be towards Enabling Networking Infrastructures for IoT.