IoT-NGIN explores solutions in four domains: smart agriculture, smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart energy. While the use cases in the domains address quite diverse challenges – from traffic flow prediction in cities to smart irrigation in agriculture – all of the use cases have one thing in common: sensors and devices need connectivity.

Almost any device to be deployed in the field comes with inbuilt IoT connectivity, and vendors have rapidly growing product fleets installed around the globe. And they include digital services into their product offerings ranging from basic insights to business process automation and advanced AI-driven services. Products are even sold as a service and not as products any longer. Of course, all of that depends on highly reliable and secure IoT connectivity and the ability to manage it on a large scale. 

Meeting the challenges of global IoT connectivity with Ericsson IoT Accelerator

However, the reality is that the global IoT connectivity market is highly fragmented. Manufacturers of connected products need to ensure compliance with different national data regulations, regulators have restricted permanent roaming in some countries, and IoT network operators provide different portals and APIs to manage connectivity. All of this makes it difficult for enterprises to roll out connected products in a highly scalable manner.

One way to address this challenge is to have one dedicated core network platform for cellular IoT connectivity, integrated into local mobile networks. This is jointly leveraged by a global ecosystem of connectivity service providers to offer easy, global and reliable cellular IoT connectivity to their enterprise customers. With a single connectivity agreement versus a traditional “side-by-side”’ model requiring separate contracts with each operator within a footprint, enterprises can extend global reach by aggregating connectivity across networks and markets, while gaining the flexibility to scale across multiple countries quickly and offer IoT services globally. With one service account in the self-service portal from where they can manage and view all subscriptions, enterprises can utilize a single source of truth, no matter from which location they access the portal. 

Ericsson’s award winning IoT Accelerator enables enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business from one unified platform. Delivered as a service through our 35+ telecom service provider partners, Ericsson’s one core network provides complete visibility and control of all IoT devices throughout their entire life cycles, no matter where in the world they are located. Today, Ericsson IoT Accelerator is serving over 7000 enterprises across more than 100 countries. Our platform manages more than 70 million subscriptions, including over 8 million eSIMs, making Ericsson a market leader in IoT connectivity management.

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