IoT-NGIN, as part of the NG-IoT community, participated in the first of the EU-IoT Training Workshops Series, entitled “AIoT and Edge Machine Learning”. The presenters gave a quick yet concise overview of the technological landscape around IoT and Machine/Federated Learning, delving into edge computing, cybersecurity and embedded ML. Dr Artemis Voulkidis, from Synelixis and IoT-NGIN’s Technical Manager, gave a presentation about cybersecurity context in Federated Machine Learning. Specifically, he presented key methodologies towards protecting federated learning processes from privacy-related attacks and explained how federated learning approaches can be exploited in order to achieve cybersecurity, underlying the role of Generative Adversarial Networks in effective attack detection.

The workshop realized high attendance by the technological experts from research and business domains, including SMEs. The next part of this training workshops series will be towards Enabling the Tactile Internet with IoT.