Today, we are heading towards a smart and highly personalised style of living. In future, which we envision, the power and impact of smart devices around us will not be limited to our comfort but would also increase our productivity multi-fold. In light of the same, we are pleased to introduce you to this project IoT-Ngin.

The IoT-Ngin project is a European Union funded collaborative project aiming at unleashing the power of Next Generation IoT as an essential dimension of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and become the “IoT Engine”. 

This project aims to work on breakthroughs in the field of technology and IoT to create a new way for the world to embrace and leverage the potential of IoT devices and technology. This change will bring meaningful innovation without compromising on the ethical and technical standards set by the EU commission. We have high expectations from the results of this project and are positive about its optimal exploitation to make the lives of European citizens better. 

To achieve this goal, along with timely and effective technical development of this project, it also becomes very important to communicate about this project and disseminate its results, to encourage meaningful exploitation and an opportunity for collaboration. 

In line with the same, we have finalised the means to connect with the world for a meaningful dialogue. You can connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or directly on reach out to us on our website. We would also be sending out bi-annual newsletters, you can subscribe to the same here (Look into the footer section of the page). Further, we are working in collaboration with EU-IoT, which is bringing together various IoT based H2020 projects, promising a better platform to collaborate and learn. 

As the project progresses, we also intend to work with SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and DIHs (Digital Innovation Hubs) to bring a flair of further innovation to our project. The details of these open calls would be mentioned our website and social media handles, for the interested parties. Exhibitions, conventions, publications, workshops, webinars etc. are some of the other few avenues of communication and dissemination.

If you find our project interesting, you can also have a look at our monthly blogs written by key partners of the consortium. On our official website, we would also be pushing out timely news and updates related to this project. Further, if it interests you, we recommend reading more about the planned Living lab trials and their details on our website.

For any further details, feel free to write to us on: