Jointly agreed standards and technological solutions, open interfaces and rulebooks will play a key role in the data economy of the future. These are built in the GAIA-X project – a major opportunity for companies, whether industrial corporations, SMEs or startups.

At the GAIA-X Industry Data Space workshop for Finnish Industries, organized by SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund and held on 5 February, Ilkka Lakaniemi from Aalto University School of Business gave a keynote speech, entitled “From Promises to Concretia – GAIA-X” and explained why companies should get involved in the GAIA-X cooperation early on:

  1. Influencing the business environment: Gaia-X offers a vantage point, network and opportunities to influence the European data market taking shape with EU regulations and projects.
  2. Growth: scaling the national and Nordic solutions and best practices already implemented to the EU and global markets will pave the way for growing new business for companies.
  3. Financing: the networks emerging in Gaia-X projects will facilitate co-operation across sector boundaries and offer a way for new development financing.

The IoT-NGIN outcomes have been communicated to Member-State funded GAIA-X projects and national initiatives to federated data spaces. Moreover, significant insights have been gained in terms of standards creation and use cases.

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